Looking your best offers a boost of confidence. Skin problems can blemish that healthy, self-assured look. Dermatology Specialists offers a number of medical treatments that enhance aesthetic appearance and even treat the underlying condition.

Chemical Peels: Chemical peels help many dermatologic conditions. Acne patients benefit from the removal of the pore-blocking dead skin layer. Melasma patients can clear the irregular pigmentation provoked by too regular sun exposure. Adult patients enjoy the younger looking complexion freed from age-identifying “liver spots” and dyspigmentation.

  • Medical-strength chemical peels offer the advantage of more effective results often at a faster pace. Patients choose from fruit acid “lunch-break” peels, all the way to the more substantial wrinkle-reducing peels that offer long-enduring benefits.

Botox Cosmetic: For the expression lines gained from an often-present smile or just too much sun, Dermatology Specialists offers Botox Cosmetic treatments. Patients enjoy months of a more relaxed, younger look.

Fillers: Age depletes our normal, fresh-faced look. Natural fillers may help to restore that more youthful, captivating snapshot from yesteryear.

Cosmetic Mole/Lesion Removal: Moles sometimes appear in the most unwelcome of spots.  Other lesions may arise in formerly smooth, blemish-free skin.  Cosmetic removal can erase the problem and eliminate the distraction.

Skin Tag Removal: Skin tags can crop up and catch on necklaces, shirt collars, and other articles of clothing.  Removal is straightforward and definitive.